US Airlines Free Roundtrip Tickets Promotion SCAM

What do you get when all 3 core human elements are combined? A scam of course. Today I received a very interesting letter in the US Postal Service's mail. It sure looks serious, probably an IRS or court document. 

US Airlines SCAM Letter front.

I better open it right away and see what is wrong...

..what's this?

US Airlines Flight Coupon

A flight ticket from US Airlines, how much trouble am I in that they would already pre-purchase a flight to somewhere.  Wait a minute, what does that say up there; "Flight Coupon"?  Something isn't right, let me have a look and see who this is from (I go back to the front).

Fake IRS Letter

Hmm... no return address, but wait; a closer look reveals that this is not what it seems.  This is not a "government document".  So what is it, and why scare people into opening it.  Oh, it's clear by now that this is very creative deceptive marketing.

I look inside and find out that I've one 2 free round trip passes on US Airlines.  Hmm... maybe this isn't so bad; so I continue to read.

US Airlines Award

Here is the reset of the letter, stating that I have until September 26 to respond (only 1 week from today).  Supposedly they have also been trying to contact me via telephone (good luck with that).  At this point I feel both excited and suspicious. 

US Airlines Fake Voucher

I'm no stranger to scams, so I decide to search Google for US Airlines. 

Guess what, I confused US Airlines with US Airways;  but wait a minute here...their is no such thing as US Airlines!  Ohhhhh soooo evil.

This is by far the best scam I've seen, I image that several people do indeed end up falling for this one.  I bet some even show up at the US Airways terminal at the airport with their luggage all packed.  Turns out that this scam is to sell you a type of vacation club membership,  It stands right up thier with Timeshares.  Don't you just love the USA, it's the land of scams and rip offs.  

If you get this letter, just throw it in the trash and move on with your life.  Just goes to show you how greedy humans really are and how much BAD STUFF is really out there.

Full Scam Letter

By editor on 20 September 2011 |