United States Creating "Spy Viruses" (FLAME)

The idea that The United States of America purposely created a virus and infected thousands of computers sounds far fetched. However, if you've been listening to the news these last few months you may have come across something called "FLAME". FLAME is highly complex virus/malware that is so well written that even I am amazed at what it does. FLAME is the type of virus I would have written if given the motivation. From voice recording, to Bluetooth device snooping, it's definitely a virus that wants to spy on you. To learn more about what FLAME does, I highly suggest taking a look at the Wikipedia article.

What type of individual or organization would write such a virus to spy on you THIS MUCH? Spammers? Malicious hackers? Identity thieves?

While any of those bottom dwellers would love to spy on you that much, they are incapable of writing such complex computer code. Identity theft is not the motive in FLAME's case. Like something out of a movie, FLAME is an espionage virus written by the United States government. I'm not making this up, check the news.

The age of Cyberwarefare is officially here.

I'm surprised and not surprised at the same time. We've all watched those spy movies, thinking that such things are purely fiction. The amount of information that this computer virus collects is astonishing. Any individual caught doing this would surely be locked away in prison for a very long time. Sadly, the United States government will go unpunished for it's crime. Where is the justice?

Before your unplug the Ethernet cable from your computer and put on your tin foil hat, fear not. The virus had a specific target: Iran. So while in this specific case you and I are *probably* safe from this threat. However, with so much going on these days, what's to stop the United States government from using this against it's own citizens, or the citizens of any other country of it's choosing.

Once again I say, I am truly ashamed to live in such a country.

By editor on 20 June 2012 |