Ubuntu Loses it Lead, Now #2

Ubuntu Linux is no longer number 1. Today I noticed on Distro Watch (a website that tracks Linux popularity) that Ubuntu has given up it's #1 spot to Linux Mint. This should come at no surprise to anyone who has kept up with the latest developments this past year. Since dropping support for full desktop computers and targeting small screen devices with their "Unity" desktop environment, Ubuntu has lost users in flocks.

While Ubuntu's Unity desktop can run on full desktop computers, it's not feasible to do so. Compared with GNOME Shell in the GNOME 3.x desktop, Unity is much worse. So it's understandable that users with migrate over to something that "sucks" a little less.

Linux Mint has continued to offer a desktop environment well suited for desktop computers. Given that most users run desktop computers, it's no surprise that Mint is a great fit. Fedora also continues to play catch up to Ubuntu, and it's my prediction that it will soon surpass Ubuntu and take the #2 spot, leaving Ubuntu at #3.

Is this really the end of Ubuntu? Only time will tell.

By editor on 09 November 2011 |