Twitter to Censor Tweets

It's a sad day for freedom; Twitter the popular micro blogging service has decided to put forth plans to censor the 'tweets' across various regions of the globe. The move sounds very similar to what the movie studios currently do with DVD and film releases. Will this be the beginning of the end for Twitter?

As Twitter became vastly popular by enabling communication across the globe in masses, the governments of the world became worried. The worries were not unfounded, as we all witnessed the world started changing last year thanks to the new communication medium. Now, Twitter is bowing down to these governments and is considering censoring the tweets.

Any government may now control the flow of information over Twitter the same way it currently controls the main stream news media. The effects are not only limited to non-democratic governments. Such censorship could be abused by corrupt governments like the United States of America.

In the United States the government is owned and managed by big corporations and media. They will be the ones who ultimately decide which tweets flow, and which get blocked. With draconian laws and legislation such as the DMCA, who's to stop them from utilizing this new power for there own interest. Imagine a major news outlet blocking the tweets of a independent reporter announcing a breaking news story over Twitter so that the major news outlet has the first word on it. Consider a small start up with a great business idea who is now prevented from announcing his product on Twitter only because other mega corporations fear the competition. Or, how about being unable to tweet this blog entry because it attacks big media and mega corporations.

While this all may seem bizarre and impossible, think about the world 50 years ago and look at were we are now. Technology has improved vastly, but personal freedom dies a little more each passing day.

By editor on 02 February 2012 |