Steve Jobs is Dead

Although sad for may people, I am not surprised and quite happy about the news. I don't mean to be disrespectful towards his family and close relative, but the man has been given more credit than he deserved. Sure, he helped make computers become accessible to the masses, but he did not do it alone. The man has been dying for almost 4 years. It shows you that having all the money in the world can't prevent death.

I am more worried that his death may immortalize him and even make him some kind of a God amongst the really obsessed. Don't get me wrong, I like the Apple products and use them, but I also like pizza. Given Apple's recent track record, I hope the obsession with the company dies along with him.

Don't be surprised if you hear about some people taking this news of Steve Job's death to an unhealthy level. This next phrase, while originally a joke I like to use on fanatics should also be taken seriously in this case. I ask any Apple fanatics out there: "Do you require immediate medical attention?"


Steve Jobs iGrave
This image popped up about 3 years ago when someone mistakenly posted Steve's obituary.
Now seems like the appropriate time to dig it up.

Seriously, take a moment to check up on your Apple obsessed friend or neighbor.

So the next things to think about are how much attention this man will get from the media (hard to believe he could get anymore) and how many people will probably want to go to his funeral (if it will be public). Finally, I am a bit curious what his final resting place will be and look like.

By editor on 05 October 2011 |