RIM: Not Going to Make It

Poor RIM the makers of the once popular BlackBerry is going through some rough times. Only they are to blame, instead of embracing the Android operating system, they instead decided to stick with there old and outdated platform. As soon as they realized their proprietary operating system was outdated; instead of embracing Android they decide to write a new proprietary operating system.

I never cared much for RIM's BlackBerry phones. Back "in the day" they only worked with Windows, and only worked with Microsoft Outlook. Getting the stupid thing to sync with anything other that Outlook was near impossible. Fast forward 10 years and it's still the same situation. It's no surprise that technological evolution has deemed RIM ready to become an extincted species.

Today's news about RIM's major drop in revenue and delays in the new operating system that was never going to save them, is pretty much the same story told many times before. Unless a miracle happens (like embracing Android), RIM will join the likes of Be, Palm, 3dFX, and many others who were once great innovators but fell behind and became irrelevant, failed, and ultimately disappeared.

By editor on 28 June 2012 |