The Real Purpose Behind PROTECT IP and SOPA

On January 18th 2012, we witnessed the first ever global protest. Thousands (if not millions) of sites small and large "blacked-out" for 16 to 24 hours to raise awareness of an ongoing threat coming from the United States of America. Many supporters and the corporate backers of the threat have reacted with comments that are down right idiotic, thus showing the hypocrisy or ignorance of those who currently hold power in our world.

The threat is real, and goes beyond the pending legislation that prompted this protest (PROTECT IP / SOPA).

The entertainment industry wants to take away our Internet. It seems that Hollywood has finally come to accept the harsh reality that the "old model" of distribution is outdated. By obtaining absolute control of the Internet, the entertainment industry has a new modern medium that reaches millions of users throughout the globe. All it cost them was a few senators; a fraction of what it would cost to design and build a new modernized distribution system like the Internet.

Legislation such as DMCA, PRO-IP, ACTA, PROTECT IP, SOPA, and OPEN are power grabs to take away the free and open Internet from the people and slowly convert it into just another medium (like a cable TV box) for the entertainment industry to utilize as they please. I believe this is called theft?

The hypocrisy is just astounding.

By editor on 18 January 2012 |