.NET is Going Away

I've have been saying for years that anyone investing time, money, or skills in .NET was foolish.  I feel no sympathy for any .NET developer who will one day find themselves obsolete. 

This day may soon be here.  Microsoft recently released details about their new Windows 8 operating system.  Windows 8 is going to be a drastic change in the way Microsoft does things.  It so far looks like good change in the correct direction.  They appear to be leaning more towards supporting open standards and leaving behind some of the proprietary stuff.  If Microsoft does indeed stick to the plan and supports open standards such as HTML5 and Javascript, then they will start to regain my respect.

Missing from the Windows 8 details is any information on .NET and Silverlight, Microsoft's ill-fated attempt to take on Java and Flash.  It looks like Microsoft may have finally come to it's senses and is no longer promoting it's .NET and Silverlight platforms.  This is very good news indeed.  Of course they aren't going to get rid of it, the nasty .NET framework will still sit in your operating system using up resources.  It will most likely remain their until Windows 10 comes out, solely for the purpose of not breaking any existing "low quality" misguided software that was written in .NET.

A lot of .NET developers (if you would even call these type of people "developers") are pretty upset that they have no clear future.  I really don't care since they were foolish enough to even touch .NET.  They deserve what they get.  These .NET fanatics will one day find themselves completely useless and unemployed.  I feel no sympathy for them.  If I have any advice for a soon to be obsolete .NET developer; it's LEARN JAVA!  Unlike .NET, Java is growing a getting deployed in more and more operating systems and devices each day. 

I told you so!!

By editor on 18 September 2011 |