MySQL Server on Ubuntu Linux Server

I've been using Ubuntu Linux server since version 8.04 LTS.  On this server I ran several hundred websites with MySQL databases.  The server was a virtual machine and it ran well.  One day I upgrade this (supposedly) perfect server to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, oh what a bad move that was.

The server performance was impacted severely.  More specifically the MySQL database server was so slow, it was bringing down the whole server to it's knees.  I searched and searched for a solution.  While searching I came across many others with the same issue.  Mind you that this "upgrade" was done one year ago and to this day the problem is UN-solved.

The FreeBSD operating system has always had a special place in my heart.   While experimenting on my FreeBSD virtual machine, I noticed how well MySQL performed.  This caught my attention; was it because I was already so used to the bad performance on Linux? Or was it simply because FreeBSD is a better operating system?  I think it was a case of both.  It's a known fact that when you compare Linux vs. FreeBSD, FreeBSD is clearly the better operating system when it comes to performance, simplicity, function, stability, design, and reliability.  This is a FACT and the discussion is null.

Seriously, when I saw how well the MySQL server was performing on this tiny little single processor FreeBSD 8.1 virtual machine with only 512 MB of RAM, it brought tears of joy.  Then going back to think about how bad my Ubuntu Linux MySQL server was, made me sad.

So one day I decided to migrate my MySQL databases to a FreeBSD 8.2 virtual machine.  The process was painless but took a very long time.  When it was all done, the performance improvement was astounding.  Database intensive websites (like Drupal ones) that would previously take at least 30-45 seconds to load where loading in under a microsecond.  The FreeBSD server was blowing the Ubuntu server away.  It's no wonder big Internet companies like Yahoo are FreeBSD shops. 

I'm really not sure what made me go with a crap Linux server.  I guess, at the time Ubuntu Linux was hyped up so much that I simply HAD to use it.   The lesson learned was an important one, and I'll probably end up migrating my other servers (like web and email) to FreeBSD in the future.

Linux is dead to me.

By editor on 12 September 2011 |