Mark Zuckerberg does not Deserve to be a Multi Millionare

Facebook is successful because it taps into the inner wants of people in the United States. This is fine even though I myself believe Facebook is utterly useless. However, the CEO and supposed "creator" of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg does not deserve to be where he is right now. I know nothing about the guy, I've never seen the movie related to the subject, and I never knew that there was a real life person who thinks Mr. Zuckerberg "stole" Facebook.

Before I even learned about all the conspiracies,  when I first saw Mark's picture I always felt that something just isn't right with this guy.   Every time I see his photo or read something about him, I always say to myself "This guy doesn't deserve what he has".  Now that the "truth" has been revealed through a film designed to make make the truth seem crazy, I understand what is going on.  I am also impressed by the way Mr. Zuckerberg cheated his way into riches no matter how wrong it was. 

I'm sure one day the truth will come back to haunt Mr. Mark Zuckerberg.  It always does.

By editor on 14 December 2011 |