It's Official: No More GNOME Desktop

The GNOME developers point out that their focus on the traditional desktop is a BAD thing. The plan is to turn GNOME into a mobile platform and eventually it's own mobile operating system. It's pretty clear, GNOME is abandoning the desktop computer.

I've always dreamed of a GNOME operating system where the GNOME components tightly integrate with the underlying system. Possibly making a formidable competitor against Windows or OS X. This news that GNOME has gone mobile really disappoints me. If you read the slides below, you get a clear message that the GNOME developers believe the mobile landscape is lacking in options and desperately needs a new platform. In reality it's quite the opposite. We have Android, iOS, Windows, Memo, and soon Firefox OS. On the desktop (if you want something fully integrated and functional) you really only have a choice between Windows or OS X (although they seem to be just as confused these days). Not to be mean or anything but what's wrong with developers these days? Are they in some type of hallucinogenic dream land?

Should Say: A NOT so bright future for GNOME

Sorry, but I must agree with Linus on this one, GNOME 3 is NOT awesome.

Seriously though, how do they come to the conclusion that nobody is ever going to need or want a desktop computer? Where are developers going to programing all those fancy mobile platforms? Where are employees going to work on those spreadsheets and letters? Where is the common household teenager going to type up their research paper? Where is the average Joe or Jane going to sit to type there emails and surf the web. The list goes on and on. A mobile Internet device simply can not and will never be able to do everything a desktop computer can. Can you imagine typing up a 40 page research report on a tablet?

It's not a lost cause, we have the MATE and Cinnamon desktops. The MATE desktop is the next logical evolution of the GNOME platform. Cinnamon is cool, but technically it still GNOME. If it's all done properly (with GTK3), MATE could end up being the face of Linux. MATE OS anyone?

The GNOME developers are seriously confused and the GNOME platform is officially dead.

By editor on 29 July 2012 |