How I Hate Voice Recognition Based IVR's

If you don't know what I am referring to, let me give you a hint: "Thank you for calling for help please say...". It seems as more and more companies (especially banks) are utilizing these automated voice activated "interactive virtual response systems". Some are are not so bad when they give you the option of saying what you want or pressing the key you want. Others however won't let you through to a live person for almost 3 minutes. You either have to sit there an wait till the stupid timeout kicks in, or play along with the computer.

The purpose of these systems is not to provide a better customer service experience. Seriously, how can anyone say such a thing and believe these type of systems are "better". On the contrary, these systems are design to prevent costumers from ever speaking to a live person. They figure that no one is going to want to take time out of there busy schedule and spend 3 minutes talking to a computer. There is some math and statistics to all this that pretty much makes deploying such systems cost effective. Large companies can hire less people because less phone calls will be filtered through. It's these small things that help contribute to the United States's economic downfall.

Bad customer service, higher unemployment, and more money in the pockets of those who already have enough. That's all these type of IVR's achieve, just in line with everything else in the United States.

It proves how technology can be used for bad instead of good.

By editor on 14 December 2011 |