GUNS: The Current Fad

Seems like everyone is talking about guns these days. Why wouldn't they be, seems like everyday now some psycho is on a killing spree. Or is it the other way around?

I don't know about you but all this recent talk about gun control and the escalation in gun violence is just too much of a coincidence. Last year it wasn't this noisy? Was it? Are people in this country really that simple minded? monkey see monkey do? Sure I agree that Hollywood and entertainment have affected the way people behave. However the reality of what is really going on is quite different.

It's not that difficult to realize it after you stand back and think for a second. The number of incidents of gun violence in this country have not changed. In fact they probably have been the same since the late 1970's. The reason why we are hearing so much of it now is because the news media simply decided to start focusing on it more. Then as an added bonus, why not throw in a debate about gun control and report the heck out of it.

You see, we must all remember were we are getting our "information" from. It's basically a single source. I have nothing else to comment on the subject and I am ashamed to follow the fad by writing this post.

By editor on 08 February 2013 |