Government FAILS - Individual Mandate Upheld

Today, freedom has died a little more. In the United States, Obama's individual mandate forcing people to purchase a product from private companies has been upheld. No matter how the decision was worded (they call it a tax), the end result is the same. Our government can now force U.S. citizens to buy a product.

The ramifications of this decision are extremely dangerous. Any organization that represents the interests of a large corporation with enough cash can lobby for a law requiring United States citizens to purchase a specific product or face a penalty. That penalty can be called a tax and such a law will stand. Imagine the MPAA or RIAA connecting such dots, or Apple? Microsoft?. Scary things indeed.

Well, I personally have now made it a priority to move out of the United States within the next 18 months. I am one of the lucky few who have a dual citizenship so the process will not be difficult. I feel bad for those who will be stuck here, unable to leave the country when things get real bad in the next few years.

By editor on 28 June 2012 |

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