GNOME 3 Shell is a Failure

When GNOME 3 was announced I got excited.  Then when GNOME Shell was announced I got sad.

After using GNOME 3's Shell for about 15 minutes, I thought to myself  "in what way is this better?".  It takes more effort to find and launch your programs, I can't minimize my windows, and their is no task bar that tells me "at-a-glance" what I have running.  Worst of all, where are my desktop icons!

The desktop metaphor has worked well, why change it?

Thankfully, GNOME 3 comes with what is called a "fallback" mode.  Interestingly enough, this fall back mode has all the stuff that GNOME shell is missing.  The fallback mode is also a step forward from the traditional GNOME 2 desktop.

The developers of GNOME 3 need to go back to the drawing board and use the fallback desktop as a starting point.

By editor on 02 September 2011 |