Egypt Issues Arrest of US-based Egyptians Over 1st Amendment

The United States will soon find itself in a difficult situation. As many of you have already learned, a movie trailer for an amateur made anti-Muslim film was released on YouTube a few weeks ago. My opinions on that film are mixed, and the reactions from the two sides are both silly yet understandable. Christians and Muslims have acted inappropriately now and several times in the past. It's important to respect the beliefs of others. It's also important to remain civilized, non-violent, and to "respect the beliefs of others".

We live in an era where most people around the world are civilized and respectful. Yet it's surprising that the majority have not been able to move past religion. Recent events only prove how religion promotes violence, and has always and will be the primary cause of war and conflict. Think about that for a moment...

Egypt has called for the arrest and possible execution of the US-based Egyptians and a US Christian pastor who produced the film. All US citizens would agree that this is ridiculous. The people who produced the film broke no local laws and the punishment being handed is cruel and unusual. Egypt is asking the United States to disrespect the Constitution, thereby insulting the government, political beliefs, and the laws that many people in the country believe in. Politics is just another word for religion.

Whether the Egyptian nationals are US citizens or residents is unclear at the moment. From my understanding both are entitled to the same rights. It's also unclear if these individuals are still Egyptian citizens. However, it's perfectly clear that the Christian pastor is a US citizen with no link to Egypt.

It would be very interesting to see what happens, the US has several international treaties with many countries including Egypt regarding extradition. The US has used these treaties several times for silly things like intellectual property and similar occasions. In fact the Kim Dotcom/Mega Upload situation is a perfect example where the suspect has not violated any local law of the country he is living in.

This time the U.S. is on the other end of it. To dishonor the treaty would be devastating to the United State's international policy and already bad image. To honor the treaty would undermine the core beliefs that the country was built on. What to do?

The situation is difficult and provides more evidence on how the U.S. is slowing losing it's International grip on power. It's why my feelings on the subject are mixed. The reaction from the religious groups is silly, stupid, and wrong, yet it's nice to see the United States becoming less and less powerful each day.

What's more amazing is that the film hasn't even been released. One thing is for sure (unless we can evolve passed it), religion will be the end of us all.

By editor on 18 September 2012 |