EA Games has Ruined SimCity

When I first learned that a new SimCity was in the works suddenly the world looked like a brighter place. You can imagine my disappointment when I learned more about the game's "Online Only" "feature". It's not the DRM that bothers me so much (although we could do without that too). It's the fact that I can no longer play the game when I want wherever I want. I am restricted to playing SimCity on an Internet connected PC. My saved cities aren't stored locally, but instead kept on EA's servers. Simulation is done partly on my PC and mostly on EA's servers.

What happens 2 years from now when I want to play SimCity and EA has shutoff those servers? Can I pull up my copy of Simcity 2013 10 years from now and still play it? I doubt it.

Second issue is how poor the game compares to SimCity 4. While this new one has better visuals and a better simulator, the game play is somewhat more restricted and simplified than SimCity 4. Smaller lots, less control, no God mode, limited resources.

This does not deserve to be titled "SimCity". It should have been called EA Sim City Social or EA Sim City Online. I thought Sim City Societies was bad and EA could not possibly do any worse. EA has proved me wrong.

As a die hard SimCity fan (been playing since the first one came out) I will have to pass. I will continue to wait for a proper SimCity 5. Until then, SimCity 4 is still a great game and still playable 10 years after it was released.

Thanks a lot EA, you already ruined SimCity now you give us this piece of crap?

By editor on 08 March 2013 |