Does HP Really Disappoint with WebOS

Did anyone really expect any other result? HP has been known for taking great things and messing them up really bad, just like Oracle, Apple, and Microsoft.  Why this happens, I do not know.  Maybe the CEO's of these large corporations are not seeing the bigger picture.  However, HP really is very bad at almost everything (except for laser printers).  I've said it before, and I'll say it again, when HP bought Palm, I knew it was all over.

There is a small glimmer of hope.  Even though HP's terms for open sourcing WebOS are less than ideal, it's something.   I think that WebOS might have a chance being open source.  HP has decided to use a model similar to what Red Hat did to Fedora a few years ago.  Back when Red Hat changed it's open source model to the current Fedora model, people said "it's the end of the red hat linux community".  Fast forward to day, and the Fedora is strong, the operating system is most possible the best, and Red Hat has become irrelevant but is making some money from RHEL.

I believe the same will happen with WebOS and HP.  WebOS will become an amazing little mobile operating system rivaling Apple's iOS and Google's Android.  HP will simply become irrelevant, and the open source community will have 2 great mobile operating systems.  An even better result? Apple's iOS becomes irrelevant too and perhaps, some hardware manufacture will indeed pick up WebOS.


By editor on 14 December 2011 |