Ubuntu Loses it Lead, Now #2

Ubuntu Linux is no longer number 1. Today I noticed on Distro Watch (a website that tracks Linux popularity) that Ubuntu has given up it's #1 spot to Linux Mint. This should come at no surprise to anyone who has kept up with the latest developments this past year. Since dropping support for full desktop computers and targeting small screen devices with their "Unity" desktop environment, Ubuntu has lost users in flocks.

By editor on 09 November 2011 |

Goodbye Ubuntu

Ubuntu 11.10 has been out for a while, so far I hate it.  I upgraded my desktop computer from 11.04 (which I also disliked).  When I use the new Unity desktop environment I feel limited.  Simple tasks like opening a program and browsing my files feel more like a chore.  It's very difficult to multitask and get my work done with the new Unity interface.  My 23 inch screen multi-CPU desktop computer feels like a tiny 5 inch net-book.

By editor on 20 October 2011 |

MySQL Server on Ubuntu Linux Server

I've been using Ubuntu Linux server since version 8.04 LTS.  On this server I ran several hundred websites with MySQL databases.  The server was a virtual machine and it ran well.  One day I upgrade this (supposedly) perfect server to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, oh what a bad move that was.

By editor on 12 September 2011 |