US Airlines Free Roundtrip Tickets Promotion SCAM

What do you get when all 3 core human elements are combined? A scam of course. Today I received a very interesting letter in the US Postal Service's mail. It sure looks serious, probably an IRS or court document. 

US Airlines SCAM Letter front.

I better open it right away and see what is wrong...

..what's this?

By editor on 20 September 2011 |

Timeshares are Indeed a Scam

It's pretty simple, timeshares are a scam.

They are expensive, over priced yet completely worthless.  You get stuck with them forever and your options limited when you actually want to use it.

Don't get fooled into buying one.  Read more about them here: http://www.vacationvilla.ws.

By editor on 03 September 2011 |