It's Official: No More GNOME Desktop

The GNOME developers point out that their focus on the traditional desktop is a BAD thing. The plan is to turn GNOME into a mobile platform and eventually it's own mobile operating system. It's pretty clear, GNOME is abandoning the desktop computer.

By editor on 29 July 2012 |

X11 Makes me Cry

The display server is what makes your Linux desktop show graphics.  You may know it by other names such as X11, X, or the GUI.  Unfortunately, this component of the Linux desktop is very old and outdated.  It is based on code and technology from the 1960's.

What is worse, the X11 display system is not an operating system component.  X11 it merely a program that runs on top of Linux, and you run your GNOME desktop inside X11 (in a way).  When X11 crashed, so does your entire desktop.  This is very similar to DOS and Windows 3.x.

By editor on 03 September 2011 |