Ubuntu Loses it Lead, Now #2

Ubuntu Linux is no longer number 1. Today I noticed on Distro Watch (a website that tracks Linux popularity) that Ubuntu has given up it's #1 spot to Linux Mint. This should come at no surprise to anyone who has kept up with the latest developments this past year. Since dropping support for full desktop computers and targeting small screen devices with their "Unity" desktop environment, Ubuntu has lost users in flocks.

By editor on 09 November 2011 |

Goodbye Ubuntu

Ubuntu 11.10 has been out for a while, so far I hate it.  I upgraded my desktop computer from 11.04 (which I also disliked).  When I use the new Unity desktop environment I feel limited.  Simple tasks like opening a program and browsing my files feel more like a chore.  It's very difficult to multitask and get my work done with the new Unity interface.  My 23 inch screen multi-CPU desktop computer feels like a tiny 5 inch net-book.

By editor on 20 October 2011 |

The Failure that is Linux

Operating systems such as Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, Suse, Mint, or Centos can never replace a Windows or Macintosh system.  As much as I wish Linux was a serious operating system, it simply is untrue. 

By editor on 07 September 2011 |


HP buying Compaq was HP's way of pushing it's self into the #1 spot.  Before that it was a race between Dell and Compaq.  Since Dell computers have always been low quality, I always suggested Compaq's.

By editor on 03 September 2011 |

X11 Makes me Cry

The display server is what makes your Linux desktop show graphics.  You may know it by other names such as X11, X, or the GUI.  Unfortunately, this component of the Linux desktop is very old and outdated.  It is based on code and technology from the 1960's.

What is worse, the X11 display system is not an operating system component.  X11 it merely a program that runs on top of Linux, and you run your GNOME desktop inside X11 (in a way).  When X11 crashed, so does your entire desktop.  This is very similar to DOS and Windows 3.x.

By editor on 03 September 2011 |

GNOME 3 Shell is a Failure

When GNOME 3 was announced I got excited.  Then when GNOME Shell was announced I got sad.

After using GNOME 3's Shell for about 15 minutes, I thought to myself  "in what way is this better?".  It takes more effort to find and launch your programs, I can't minimize my windows, and their is no task bar that tells me "at-a-glance" what I have running.  Worst of all, where are my desktop icons!

The desktop metaphor has worked well, why change it?

By editor on 02 September 2011 |