MySQL Server on Ubuntu Linux Server

I've been using Ubuntu Linux server since version 8.04 LTS.  On this server I ran several hundred websites with MySQL databases.  The server was a virtual machine and it ran well.  One day I upgrade this (supposedly) perfect server to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, oh what a bad move that was.

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VLC Media Player

VLC or Video LAN Client media players is both useful and useless at the same time.  Useful because it can play almost any kind of media file on almost any platform, useless because it's user interface is flawed.

By editor on 07 September 2011 |

The Failure that is Linux

Operating systems such as Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, Suse, Mint, or Centos can never replace a Windows or Macintosh system.  As much as I wish Linux was a serious operating system, it simply is untrue. 

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There Never was a Recovery

When the United States recession began back in 2006, a lot of people where in denial.  It took almost two years to fully realize that the United States was in a recession.  In 2008 when the signs were clear as glass, their were still some that were in denial or simply hoped it was not true.

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The Stock Market

These last few years the stock market has made some big headlines.  On one day, stocks rally, the next, they crash.  The stock market is unstable and it represents the current status of the United States economy.

However, the reason why the markets are unstable is because the US government is trying to prop them up.  It's come to the point where it's easy to predict when the market will go up and when it will go down.  The last few years, the market has been driven by good or bad news.  More recently, the market is being driven by a false sense of hope.

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HP buying Compaq was HP's way of pushing it's self into the #1 spot.  Before that it was a race between Dell and Compaq.  Since Dell computers have always been low quality, I always suggested Compaq's.

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Most people would better understand this if I said religion, but in fact the word religion has a larger meaning and the correct term here is spirituality.   Some examples of spirituality are Judaism, Islam, Christianity, cults, and the Ancient Greek mythology.   In fact spirituality is nothing more than a mythology.  Religion, a much broader term includes not only spirituality, but non-spiritual beliefs as well.  Such as a way of living, or other types of beliefs and opinions.  A good example of this is politics (Republican vs.

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Bank of America, Bank of Crooks

All banks are the same, but every once in a while you will come across one that is so greedy and so corrupt that it makes you wonder just how bad humans really can be.  This bank is called Bank of America, the largest most corrupt bank in the United States.  It continues to exist only because they have grown so large that not even the United States government can shut it down.

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Timeshares are Indeed a Scam

It's pretty simple, timeshares are a scam.

They are expensive, over priced yet completely worthless.  You get stuck with them forever and your options limited when you actually want to use it.

Don't get fooled into buying one.  Read more about them here:

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Encyclopedia Dramatica

Encyclopedia Dramatica used to be a funny and amusing website that pretty much had an article for everything you wouldn't find on Wikipedia.  Unfortunately, the site was shutdown and we got left with a nasty clone (who also copied all the articles) named encyclopedia 

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